A little about

The Beginning

encyCARpedia was started by David Chapple (me). I've been a car enthusiast since I can remember. I'd ask for books about supercars and iconic car brands like Jaguar as presents when I was a kid. I had the basic idea for encyCARpedia in 2008 and bought the domain name but couldn't dream of making it a reality.


In 2016, having made a few websites for myself and others, I decided it was finally time to create a website I was truly passionate about. It definitely took longer than expected, but there are quite a lot of cars! Big thanks goes to Mercedes for having over 1800 different model and engine variations [/sarcasm].


My main goal for this website is to be the best and most useful source for car specs on the internet. That's why I created the car comparison tool (just click on any '+' to add a car to your custom comparison) and similar cars box. It's also easy to share links to any page (please share!).

Data Source

The specs are gathered from manufacturer specification sheets. They release these when they launch a new car. For the older cars, most manufacturers have archives. Are there any mistakes? Even the official spec sheets have errors sometimes, so yes. Typos & mis-reading can sometimes lead to wrong information. I use the site a lot and can usually tell if something is wrong, so mistakes get filtered out eventually. You can also report an error.

encyCARpedia Rating

I know that top speed, BHP etc. isn't the be-all and end-all, but all the specs combined give a good indication of how a car performs at various tasks. That's why I created the encyCARpedia rating. As long as the required specs are available, it creates separate ratings for 'Performance', 'Environment' & 'Practicality'. It then creates an overall rating using all three ratings, but giving more weight to the intended purpose of the car.

Logo & Attribution

If you want a high-quality logo, I've created a suitable for most things. Also, if you use any of the data, particularly the Rankings / Top Cars lists, please cite this website as the source of the information. It will benefit your SEO (outbound links are good) and also mine. Thanks 👍.

When I set about making this site, I wanted to make the most useful car encyclopedia on the internet. I wanted it to be easy to use and interesting even for non-car nuts. I hope I've achieved that. I'm going to keep on improving this site regardless. I try to make sure all the specs are accurate, but there may be errors occasionally (report an error). Thanks for using this site, I hope it was helpful.
- Dave